Interactive Whiteboard In The Field Of Education

Interactive Whiteboard In The Field Of Education

Interactive Whiteboard In The Field Of Education

1.What is an interactive whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboard is a high-tech interactive display device, which simplifies, integrates TV, computer, flat panel, audio, projector and whiteboard, and has various functions such as writing, annotation, synchronous interaction, multimedia, remote interaction, etc. It is a cross-era product to enhance efficiency and intelligence, and can be used in business meeting, corporate office, education and training, product display and other application scenarios. It is powerful and convenient to apply, and opens a new experience of human-computer interaction.

In the field of education, the interactive whiteboard becomes an important teaching tool in the current teaching process. It replaces the traditional whiteboard and integrates the equipment needed for teaching into one, helping to teach efficiently, providing a convenient teaching platform for teachers and a diversified learning platform for students.

2.Current situation of education informatization and smart education

With the development of economy and the progress of technology, countries around the world are gradually paying more attention to the education industry, taking education informatization as a major strategic initiative to promote the reform and development of education at all levels and create smart education. Teaching informatization is to make the teaching means technological, teaching communication informatization, and teaching methods modernized, and to use information technology to create an ideal learning environment, provide a new way of learning and teaching, and completely change the traditional teaching structure and the nature of education.

At present, the construction of education informatization worldwide has begun to move toward the deep development stage of integration and innovation. Promoting the reconstruction of education system, accelerating school transformation and creating an open learning environment have become the basic features of the development of global education informatization. Driven by the new generation of information technology such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and mobile communication, many countries and regions in the world have taken smart education as their major strategy for future education development, and shifting from digital education to smart education has been the inevitable trend of global education development. Represented by the United States, the promotion of smart education in the United States can be divided into two levels: enterprise and government. IBM pioneered the concept of smarter planet, and integrated the concept of smarter planet into various industries, resulting in a series of intelligent industry solutions, including smart education. The core of the IBM Smart Education Framework is to provide personalized learning experiences for learners. By providing educational platforms such as cloud-based classrooms and interactive social media for educational institutions to connect and interact with each individual learner, IBM provides a unique learning experience for each learner. NETP2010 is the representative of the government level. NETP2010 requires educators to focus on "how to teach" and "what to teach" to meet the individual learning needs of learners, and to place learners in social life or as close to real situations as possible, and to use technology to provide them with various methods to make personalized learning a universal and widespread way of learning, so as to increase learners' motivation, improve their learning ability and knowledge level, and enable them to achieve higher academic achievement. In terms of evaluation, NETP2010 hopes to adopt a new and better way to measure and judge the real ability level and development trend of learners. In terms of teaching, NETP2010 calls for the use of technology to facilitate a paradigm shift in teaching and learning and to help teachers improve their competencies. The new teaching mode has teachers connected to teaching data, teaching tools, and using relevant data for assessment; connected to content, resources, and systems to provide better learning experiences for students; and connected to students to directly support student learning, regardless of their location. In terms of infrastructure, NETP2010 believes that infrastructure configurations should focus on building sustainable learning patterns that encompass people, processes, learning resources, and policies, in addition to hardware, systems, and management tools for continuous improvement.

Many schools around the world are committed to building smart campuses, promoting smart classroom construction, building a combined online and offline teaching mode, improving students' self-activity and motivation, and accelerating the cultivation of a large number of high-quality talents. Smart classroom is the core component of smart campus, which is based on "Internet+" mode of thinking and advanced information technology. It undertakes the task of making information-based teaching simple, efficient and intelligent, and is of great significance in promoting the development of education informatization towards intelligence and innovation. The smart classroom brings new opportunities for change while giving new challenges to classroom teaching and learning. Making full use of the advantages of information technology can help teachers use pre-class prediction data to guide students to carry out targeted pre-study activities, and timely understand students' problems in classroom teaching based on feedback data in classroom teaching, so as to set course teaching objectives in a more targeted manner and ensure that classroom teaching is on target. By enriching and integrating learning resources, teachers create teaching contexts, stimulate students' interest in learning, clarify learning tasks, and lead students to conduct fuller independent and cooperative inquiry to further develop students' learning initiative.
The smart classroom can give students a richer platform for communication and display, open up the learning process, guide students to evaluate each other and reflect together, and meet the needs of students at different levels of learning. Classroom teaching pays more attention to personalized learning and guarantees and implements the subjectivity and centrality of learners. Traditional classroom teaching overemphasizes the centrality of the teacher and lacks student-teacher interaction, resulting in the lack of individuality of the students. The smart classroom provides a broad platform for interactive learning, and a variety of teaching media break through the boundaries of the classroom, allowing teachers and students to use these new technologies to achieve deeper communication and cooperation anytime and anywhere.

Information technology has been developing and widely used in all fields of society, which is an irreversible trend of social and economic development. Informatization has a significant and far-reaching impact on the field of education, which can promote the modernization of education, revolutionize traditional education methods, improve the interactivity and efficiency of teaching, and cultivate students' independent thinking and practical innovation ability. It is a major trend in the field of education.

3.The necessity of interactive whiteboard applications in the field of education

The classroom is the main place for teaching. In order to better support the construction of educational informatization, the teaching space needs to be upgraded and transformed to integrate technology and ideas to make the interaction between teachers and students more active, thereby promoting the development of students' innovative ability. From the initial blackboard teaching, to projection teaching, to the current interactive multimedia teaching, every upgrade of teaching equipment is driven by the internal needs of teaching. Technology empowers the transformation of teaching and learning. Modern teaching equipment should promote the transformation of classroom informatization from "teaching" to "learning". As a modern intelligent display interactive teaching equipment, the intelligent interactive whiteboard is an important part of building a smart interactive classroom.

Compared with the traditional teaching mode, the interactive flat panel breaks the combination of blackboard and chalk, creating an interesting interactive classroom, centered on students, through student-student interaction, teacher-student interaction, etc., to promote each student become the main body of teaching and learningin the classroom teaching process, with equal exchanges and multiple interactions between teachers and students. In interactive classroom teaching, students participate in teaching activities under the guidance of teachers, and discover problems, ask questions and share experiences through communication in the teaching process to stimulate enthusiasm and initiative, and change from passive reception of knowledge to active pursuit of knowledge. Teachers can also use the interactive whiteboard functions to display teaching knowledge points in various teaching forms, communicate with students in various forms, conduct research according to the teaching situation, strengthen students' perception, and enable students to obtain the best learning effect. The student-student interaction in interactive classroom teaching usually takes the form of group discussion or group learning. The interactive whiteboard provides students with a brainstorming platform to quickly record each of their learning inspirations. During the communication process, students inspire each other, which is beneficial to cultivate students' cooperative learning ability and teamwork spirit.   
As a highly integrated product of multiple smart devices, the smart interactive flat panel is easy and convenient to operate, which greatly improves the teaching efficiency of teachers. Teachers can quickly write on the electronic blackboard to record the key points of the class, and the one-key eraser function can easily erase unnecessary content. In the traditional classroom teaching environment, limited by conditions, it is impossible to completely record and save the thoughts and ideas of teachers and students in the classroom teaching process. When teachers are conducting self-reflection, it is easy to miss the sparks of students' thinking collisions or some generative things in the classroom. The interactive smart flat panel can be installed with corresponding recording software, which can store the activities of teachers or students during the classroom teaching process, so that the details of the classroom teaching process can be saved intact, which is convenient for teachers to reflect and summarize their teaching after class, and students to consolidate and review after class to better improve the teaching effect. At the same time, teachers can quickly open various teaching resources and easily display teaching content. 
The popularity of interactive whiteboard in the field of education has also been affected by COVID-19. At the end of 2019, COVID-19 swept the world, and online teaching rose, the demand for interactive flat panel in the education market has greatly increased. The intelligent interactive whiteboard allows teachers and students to realize teaching and learning at home, bringing teachers and students a new and efficient teaching experience. Although the epidemic is gradually under control and life returns to normal, online distance learning is still a long-term demand. The smart interactive whiteboard is compatible with a variety of mainstream video conferencing software and hardware, and can transmit teaching courseware in real time, stably and with high quality, making remote students feel as if they are on site.

In general, smart interactive flat panels are an integral part of today's teaching.

4.How to use interactive whiteboard in teaching

Now let's explore how to better apply the interactive whiteboard to teaching.
 (1)Multi-touch, brainstorming at any time
  Sunvol interactive whiteboard supports 20-point touch, and multiple people can write at the same time. Teachers can use this function to hold competitions, brainstorming and other teaching activities, and students can record their inspirations and exchange ideas at any time.
(2)Equipped with teaching softwares, teachers can teach more easily
  Sunvol interactive whiteboard is equipped with Amdox whiteboard software, which can replace the traditional blackboard and write intelligently. Amdox whiteboard software supports importing files (supporting PPT, PNG, word, etc.). Teachers can open their teaching plans or demonstrate ppt on it during class, explain and comment in real time. Teaching notes on it can be saved for subsequent viewing, which let teachers get rid of the shackles of the U disk to avoid data loss; Amdox whiteboard software covers a variety of teaching aids, which can effectively assist teachers in teaching, such as rulers, function drawing, graph drawing and screen recording, etc., to meet the use of different teaching scenarios.
(3)One-click projection,realizing real-time and fast communication   
  Sunvol interactive whiteboard supports wireless screen projection function. Mobile phones, computers and flat panels can all be used for screen projection. The function supports 4 devices to display at the same time. If students are equipped with electronic devices in class, they can use this function to demonstrate their ideas at any time. Students' works can also be projected on the screen for comparison and communication at the same time. Teachers can realize real-time and convenient sharing, demonstration and communication with students.
(4)Remote teaching, barrier-free interaction between teachers and students in different places

The traditional offline teaching mode can no longer satisfy the development and innovation of teaching. Remote teaching has also become a popular teaching mode. Sunvol interactive whiteboard is equipped with an integrated 13 megapixel high-definition camera, built-in 6-array microphones, supports long-distance high-definition sound pickup, can quickly and accurately collect classroom images and sounds, so teachers and students can interact well in different places in real time.

5.The application prospect of interactive whiteboard in the field of education  

The application effect of intelligent interactive flat panel in the field of education is very significant. It creates a good teaching environment, activates the classroom atmosphere, enhances students' participation and interaction, improves teaching efficiency, and promotes the improvement of teaching quality. At present, the application of intelligent interactive flat panel in teaching has achieved good response. With the popularization of smart education, schools in various regions of the world will actively promote the introduction and use of smart interactive flat panels. According to the feedback of relevant data, the intelligent interactive flat panels has achieved certain results in the teaching application, but at present it only stays in the superficial application, and the teaching mode still needs to be deepened and perfected. How to make full use of the more comprehensive advantages of the intelligent interactive flat panel and better improve the quality of classroom teaching still needs to be continuously explored by designers and teachers.

At present, the education market is one of the main consumer markets for interactive whiteboard. With the continuous improvement of education construction, the application of interactive whiteboard in the field of education and teaching will become more common. In the future, interactive whiteboard will have good development prospects in the field of education. Sunvol will also pay close attention to the developments in the education field, and combine real-time teaching needs to develop software and hardware products that are more suitable for the education field.

If you want to choose an interactive whiteboard suitable for education in Sunvol, please feel free to contact us, and we will introduce you to a suitable product according to your needs. If you want to customize educational solutions, you can also give us your ideas and needs at any time, we will communicate with you.