At Sunvol, we take the threat of COVID-19 seriously by taking the temperature of every employee at work every day, issuing antiviral medication, and disinfecting our public workplace with alcohol to ensure the safety of our employees, customers, and partners at the source. We keep a full inventory of hot models and neutral logo models to prevent and reduce potential shortages or delivery delays, thus ensuring stable availability and 24/7 honest service.

Sunvol's strong R&D team ensures reliable technology and quality, multiple testing processes, and strict staff disinfection to ensure product quality and user safety. During the epidemic, when many domestic counterparts withdrew from the stage due to technical and financial problems, Sunvol rose to the challenge and undertook a number of well-known projects like the Yunnan Education Resource Support to help children in poor mountainous areas enjoy relatively fair educational resources. Whether from our R&D team or production capacity, after years of precipitation, we have become a brand power that cannot be underestimated in China.