In accordance with the laws of industry competition and the relentless pursuit of technological advancement and product innovation, We have developed Dongguan Amdolla Electric & Light Material Manufacture Co, Ltd. and Dongguan Sunvol Information Technology Co., LTD. into leading and renowned private label and contract manufacturers of commercial displays.

We are one of the top three businesses in China's education sector, and we are committed to being a market leader in commercial display products and a provider of IT solutions for schools. You will receive in-depth training from our capable R&D and service teams, who will help you as you work to become the hub of the market vortex.



Sunvol has a reliable OEM contract

We can turn your ideas into customized, fully personalized OEM solutions that will benefit the next generation. manufacturing division with a strong financial position. To prevent even the smallest error during the cooperation process, we pay close attention to every detail. from module assembly to whole machine assembly, then to whole machine inspection. The biggest advantage of this business model is that we have integrated the whole supply chain and have more advantages in cost control so that we can offer competitive prices while achieving mass production.

Our range of solutions includes

We can provide ODM service. Applications dictate software, and software dictates hardware, which means we focus on your IP and competitive differentiation, not just the hardware it runs on. We go from developing new complete machines (hardware design, solution integration, and software development), to model derivation, product certification, mass production, material component processing (CNC machining), and customization of optical materials. At each stage of development, high priority is given to intellectual property specifications and laws. 
If you want an unbranded experience (de-branded), our Tier 1 unbranded OEM-Ready technology offers a fast, market-proven, and regulatory-approved solution right out of the box.
If you want rebrand-ready products: Create a better customer experience with your own end-to-end brand and make the Sunvol experience and solutions your own.


OEM/ODM Service Flow Chart


Present and confirm requirements

  • We need to confirm your needs, especially the parameters, and will give you better suggestions as well.
  • Price negotiation(We offer a reasonable price that is beneficial to both parties)

Product and packaging design

  • We have professional and experienced UI designers to provide you with a UI design that better suits your preferences. Appearance customization
  • Design the look you need for your packaging
  • We can provide mold opening service for sincere customers.(ODM)

Sample confirmation stage

  • We take care of all your needs for samples and produce samples that meet your requirements
  • Confirm sample and place order

Mass production

  • Incoming inspection(IQC)
  • First piece confirmation/Process inspection/Process sampling inspection(IPQC)
  • In-line sampling inspection(OQC)
  • Bulk production

Products transport

  • Through our reliable network, we deliver all equipment in a very short period.

After-sales services

  • Supporting images and training videos to share
  • Response efficiency of fewer than 24 hours
  • Complying with industry-specified spare parts index can quickly solve problems caused by human or other factors, etc.

Units/year Production Capacity
100,000 +
Units/year Production Capacity
Production Line
2 whole
Production Line
Skillful Prodution Line Worker
300 +
Skillful Prodution Line Worker
Factory Area
50,000 sqm
Factory Area

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